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Testo Factors One or Two Pullups People who manage to catch up no more than twice in one approach have the weakest level. They should begin to work with passive pull-ups, when the load of its own weight is minimized. This implies the use of the bench, that is, lifting with the use of legs. Lowering is carried out already under the force of its own weight. The first 14 days should be trained for 3 sets, in each of which they do up to 5 repetitions, when lowering takes at least 5-6 seconds. Then it is increased to, but no more than two approaches are made. Category two - from two to four attempts Those who manage to perform from two or more successful pull-ups should do more approaches, but with fewer repetitions. The first repetitions must be performed intensive to load as much muscle fibers as possible, maximizing neuromuscular communication. The first two weeks of training do eight approaches, each of which should have exactly half the repetitions of the best indicator when first testing your ability. Between separate rest cycles for The further training schedule already implies the completion in each set of the full number of pull-ups that were made during the first attempt. Category three - from 5 to How to learn to pull up People who are able to pull themselves up 5 or even are strong, but still not very hardy. They can perform the exercise without any counting sets. Rest between the individual approaches can be anything. The main task is to make at least three or four sets. Category Four Those who are able to pull themselves at least eight times from one approach are already too hardy and strong to work with their own weight. To improve their results, it is necessary to use weights, which should be no more than 10% of their own weight.


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