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Double X Male Enhancement The disorder has two stages. Initially, taking up a position involves many new problems, which the individual wants to best solve, so he throws himself into the whirl of work. At this stage, there is no sexual dysfunction, the number of relations corresponds to high life dynamics. However, as the problem builds up, the person becomes suspicious, closes in himself, which affects his personal life. There is a dramatic decline in sexual contact, the occurrence of anorgasmia , women's frigidity and erectile dysfunction in men. Another example of the development of pathological sex is the desire to relieve everyday stress through sex. There is the term 'weekend roosters', which refers to men who, after a stressful week at weekends, relieve stress in the form of weekend sex. However, it often happens that attempts at sexual intercourse are unsuccessful, because the lack of hygiene of life very often leads to problems in the form of lack of erection or problems with ejaculation. 5. Erectile dysfunction on stress background In sexological studies, it was noted that situational stress is a basic problem in erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation . Another common problem is pain after ejaculation in the pelvis associated with sexual intercourse. It is believed that immediately after ejaculation, stress triggers muscle contraction, which is the cause of pain. The weakening of libido (sex drive) is a problem that is growing nowadays. In the 1970s, about 30% of all patients complained about this disorder, and currently almost 60%. Without a doubt, life under stress is the main cause. The above article shows that the problem of stress and its effect on functional sexual function is greater than we think. Undoubtedly, the problem will grow, and sexologists will try to get to know its aetiology even better. A visit to a specialist is the basis. The worst solution is to include defensive mechanisms in the form of 'pass by itself' or transfer blame to others. Statistically, Poles wait a long time for a visit to a specialist, often go to him when it is definitely too late. Remember that sexual problems quickly accumulate and easily lose control over them. 1. Ways of stress In our society, stress is most often associated with professional work, overloading with duties, life and material situation.



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