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Provexum UK It will take a little time, your man will be bored with the image of the offended knight and he will try to contact you. Here you have to “reciprocate to him” - to do with him in the same way as he planned to conduct himself with you. Demonstratively ignore him for some time - let him suffer a little. But do not abuse - after a few minutes, change your anger to mercy. Hug a man, kiss him and offer to calmly discuss his act. Say that you did not like his behavior and express your bewilderment about his so extraordinary way to solve the problems that have arisen. If your man was stubborn, you will have to take the first step by yourself. Just do not start a conversation with reproaches and insults. Sit next to him, take his hand and ask him what made him lead him like this to you. After all, he was pushed into it by an insult or anger - so why not ask your beloved man to talk directly about the problems that arise? Tell him that any dissatisfaction can be expressed to you so that you can come to the right decision together - and sexual blackmail will only distance you from each other. When you leave the house, do you always lock the door? Do you avoid walking along deserted dark alleys? Most people respond positively to these and similar questions. At the same time, individuals who neglect the basic rules of safety during sexual intercourse are not so rare. Do you choose safe sex? Freedom gives everyone the right to choose. But beyond that, freedom implies responsibility. And being in a close relationship, you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for your partner. Safe sex is the complete elimination of blood, natural lubrication and seminal fluid from a partner’s body. The only way to achieve this is to use a condom. How often do loving couples answer the question “Why are you not protected?” Answer - “We completely trust each other.” Trust partners quality is remarkable. However, as long as you do not have one hundred percent certainty that you are completely healthy, you should continue to use a condom. And only after a thorough medical examination, you can choose other methods of contraception. The number of sexually transmitted diseases in Russia is growing year by year. 


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