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Pełna wersja: 50% VPS sale + New game
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We want to remind about still active 50% VPS sale for all new orders. You can order server for half price! Starting from 1.9 EUR. More info:

Also, we‘re informing that has started new sale game – you have a chance to win almost free* renewal of your ordered VPS or VDS services. All new orders made from November 3rd till December 31st will have a chance to this opportunity - you can win a renewal of your order for the same period of time which it was ordered (for example: if you bought VPS-6 for one year then you can renew it also for one year only for 1 Eur).

Rules of the game:
1) All VPS and VDS orders between 2015.11.04 – 2015.12.31 can take part in this game;
2) 200 randomly selected lucky winners will be able to use this exclusive offer;
3) Winners will be announced and informed individually be e-mail on January 5-6th;
4) Only valid (not expired) orders will take part in this game;
5) If winner will not answer in our e-mail in 3 days after winner announcement then he will loose opportunity to use this offer.

*Symbolic renewal fee 1 Eur

Our web site:
Nie polecam. Korzystałem i cały czas się zacinały. To darmowe VPSy są lepsze od tego.
Zaufam Ci. Nie zawiedź mnie. Smile
Powiesz coś "drikul"?
tak to jest jak sie patrzy tylko na cene..