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Leal Cosmetics Cream If it is inaccurate to care for the frame or now not to do it at all, dryness can also occur with a normal type. Dry skin wishes special care, in an effort to encompass moisturizing and nourishing. With this sort of dermis, dryness appears due to the shortage of skin secretion, which could be very poorly produced. This ends in the fact that the skin does now not have herbal safety and starts offevolved to dry. There also are other reasons, which consist of:  publicity to destructive outside elements: contact with water, family chemicals, improperly decided on cosmetics;  genetic predisposition;  violation of the technique of complete sleep;  fallacious nutrition;  loss of nutrients and minerals;  chronic kidney disease;  liver troubles;  the presence of tumors or persistent intoxication;  skin sicknesses of various kinds;  aged age;  blood diseases;  mistaken care or lack of it;  climatic conditions;  action of aggressive materials. Causes of dry skin may be each inner and external. Regardless in their type, it's miles essential to provide the maximum accurate and comprehensive care. What to do if the skin is dry? First of all, it's far vital to pick out the reason why the skin has grow to be dry. For this you want to visit a dermatologist. After finishing the initial exam and prognosis, the health practitioner can be able to establish the diagnosis. If the survey revealed any irregularities, then, in most cases, you continue to need to visit a neurologist, a gastroenterologist or an endocrinologist. After setting up the purpose, treatment might be prescribed, so as to later get rid of dryness, for the reason that illness turned into now not due to outside factors. If the pores and skin dries out due to the malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands, a special approach need to be used. The listing of pointers includes: 1. Ensuring proper nutrition and ingesting sufficient fluids. 


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